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FMP (level 2)

May 8, 2011

Initial Ideas and Research

Kate Claridge

•Nickname sprung from character creation in previous project.
Nicknames can often be a form of ridicule
Term of endearment
Form of amusement

•Pen names
Literary double
To disguise gendre (maintain credibiltiy in certain genres such as Sci-fi as a female author)
Distance themselves from other work by themselves

•Anonimity – Concealment of Identity
Living in london: daily anonimity
She comes across as this identity but really she is anything but.
The idea of hiding behind a ‘barrier’ of this identity to protect the real her.

•Mistaken Identity
Why is she mistaken?
Is she mistaken to please others?
Becoming malleable to the company one keeps
•Malleable Personality
Out of fear
Chameleon identity
Process of becoming malleable (obvious reference: Adapt and survive // adaptation in evolution)

•Mis as a prefix:
– misled
– miscommunicate
– misrepresent
– mistake
– misunderstood
– misconstruct
– misconception
– misconceive
– miscomprehend
– miscolour
– mischief
– mischaracterise
– miscellaneous
– misplace
– misadvise
– misalign
– misaim
– misallocate
– misanalyse
– misapplied
– misarticulate
– misbecome
– misbehave
– miscalculate


•What is identity?
  “Identity is an umbrella term used throughout the social sciences to describe a person’s conception and expression of their individuality or group affiliations (such as national identity and cultural identity).

 •Visual Stamp
   Through architecture a city creates it’s own visual stamp over time.
Genetics – Certain features endure through generations
Landscapes create distinct identities for different Countries or Continents (Trees/ Mountains/ Valleys/ Climate)                      Perception – Countries/Continents/People gain a visual stamp in people’s mind form the media or historic events or wars
Each life creates a visual stamp

Life // Living stream

Using Bergson to comprehend life as identity..

Henri-louis Bergson (1859-1941) French Philosopher
He argued that we must allow space for free will to unfold in an autonomous and unpredictable fashion. While Kant saw free will as something beyond time and space and therefore ultimately a matter of faith, Bergson attempted to redefine the modern conceptions of time, space, and causality in his concept of Duration, making room for a tangible marriage of free will with causality. Seeing Duration as a mobile and fluid concept, Bergson argued that one cannot understand Duration through “immobile” analysis, but only through experiential, first-person intuition.

“Past exists in movement of the present”
Bergson talks of life being a continuous movement, he refers to this as a living stream.
Where now is movement of the present

Bergson describes life as movement, change and becoming.

This reflects the theory that life is made up of energy and our lives are just the medium in which it is transferred; this can be applied to nature, water(waves), even man made buildings and objects. (The colosseum that endures generation upon generation has a life span and, just as with us, the materials from the structure will be transferred on.

//Life doesn’t end at the end of our lives. We are part of a huge cycle of energy.

Does time exist?
“What is it that endures without change” (material)
“What is it that endures by changing” (living)
Is energy a material or a living thing?

To Material time does nothing therefore doesn’t exist
To the living time is everything
If life is energy and energy is material then time doesnt not exist in our world
“Life isn’t measurable by some standard in relation to which it may be faster or slower.”

How to make a project out of this………..

•Make a book on philosophy for dyslexic people – as a dyslexic person researching this subject i can say it’s no easy reading (i am fascinated by the sentences that have to be read 10 times to make sense of them)

•Visual Stamp – create definition and look into more…/
•find out what others think their visual stamp is?
•Create a visual stamp? a language?
• Collection of Visual Stamps?

•concealing identity – play with concealing and revealing identity

•Like mis as a prefix…

•”we must allow space for free will to unfold in an autonomous and unpredictable fashion”


My Website // online portfolio

May 8, 2011

I have set up a new website as an online portfolio. I have been very selective with the work I put on there but hopefully it will grow quickly now I know what I want to produce more of…

check it out:


February 20, 2011

Rites of Passage…

Working with Josh Carpenter, Dan Cooper, Bhav Mistry, Joel Baker and Greta Benediktsdottir on a publication based on the concept of Rites of Passage.

Visit our Research Blog.

Theory of Relativity – communicating complexity

January 25, 2011

The closer to larger buildings you are, the slower time moves. (one aspect of theory of relativity)

The higher you are the quicker time moves (one aspect of theory of relativity)